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Find accurate answers to thousands of history questions. With the History Boss tool, you can access history websites (like® and™) that offer explanations, historical facts and word origins to satisfy any history buff’s curiosity. Brush up on Ancient History, World History, Greek Mythology, the History of World War I, learn something that you never knew, or just surf the web and find interesting history facts. All for FREE.
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With History Boss, you can access FREE, fun trivia, games and activities. Find Colonial and American Revolution themed word searches, history-themed scavenger hunts, online games, history apps and much more. It’s the perfect tool for instilling the love of history and providing educational activities that both students and adults will enjoy.
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Find out what happened on this day in history. With access to popular history sites like® and The New York Times®, you can search historical facts by month and day. Learn about famous political figures, entertainers, notorious villains, presidents and more. Discover famous birthdays, historical places of interest, and get in-depth explanations as to the events and how they shaped our world of today. Any history enthusiast will love this tool so try it for FREE now.